We require a deposit of £345 for a single applicant, £50 for subsequent â€‹applicants, £75 for guarantor. Please send it with your application. This deposit is a sign of intent on the part of the tenant and is subject to contract and to references. On receipt of this deposit Elliott and Bunn will begin referencing you. If subsequently the landlord does not grant you a tenancy then this deposit will be returned to you less the direct costs of referencing. If you do not take the tenancy then Elliott and Bunn reserve the right to retain up to the full amount to cover any expenses incurred in the setting up of the tenancy and the collecting of references.


Having viewed the property and arrived at a decision to make application to rent you will be required to complete a referencing form and provide the following information:-

Personal details relating to each applicant ranging from name and address to occupation and salary. You will be asked to provide financial, employer and Landlord (if applicable) details. We can only agree to a tenancy subject to satisfactory references. Our investigations may also include a search of the credit registers to establish your financial credibility. This is not meant as a possible doubt in relation to your character and financial situation, but seeks to establish that, in all respects, an applicant is suitable and satisfactory.

Each applicant will need to bring in their own photo ID for photocopying and verification. These include British or EU Passport or National Identity card. Non EU passport showing the holder has indefinite leave to remain in the UK. Home office certificate or residence permit card. We will also require proof of residency dated within the last 3 months.

Please note that all applicants over 18 are required to be referenced as all parties will be jointly & severally liable for the duration of the tenancy.


Given satisfactory replies to enquiries you will be offered the tenancy of the property subject only to the terms of the Tenancy Agreement, payment of deposit and one month’s rent in advance unless you are advised of special circumstances in writing.

The deposit required acts as security for the performance of your obligations as a tenant under the Tenancy Agreement. This deposit will be held by The Dispute Service (TDS). Your tenancy agreement will provide further information and you will be given the TDS leaflet in the information pack you are given at the start of your tenancy. The deposit will be returned to you at the end of the tenancy term, without interest, subject to Elliott and Bunn receiving copies of receipted final invoices for all utility accounts and subject to any dilapidations or deductions that may be necessary to compensate the landlord for any breach of the Tenancy Agreement. Dilapidations means damage or breakage of the landlord's fixtures, fittings and effects, inventory items lost etc., which occur during the period of the tenancy. It is important, therefore, that you look after the property during the tenancy and take the utmost care to inspect the property and its fixtures and fittings at the outset. If you are moving into a property managed by the Landlord the deposit may be held by another scheme and you would be made aware of this & given the relevant information.


We require rent to be paid by standing order into our clients rent account, or direct to the landlord, to be received by the due date each month. You will be required to complete and sign a standing order mandate. If you experience difficulties please let us or the landlord know early. In the case of there being more than one tenant, each tenant is jointly and severally responsible for the whole rent so they are equally liable for the non-payment of rent by one of their co-tenants should they fail to pay. With a Fixed Term Tenancy Agreement you have the responsibility for the payment of the rent for the full term. If, therefore, you wish to vacate the premises prior to the end of the term, you will be responsible for the rent for the balance of the term. Late rent payments (in excess of two weeks) without authorisation from the landlord will result in notice being issued.


We have mentioned your obligations under the Tenancy Agreement. It is, therefore, important that you carefully read such tenancy agreements, and to this end a copy of our standard agreement will be provided on request.


Pets are not allowed in any property except with the written permission of the landlord.


You are responsible for the payment of all utilities (gas, electric etc) during the tenancy and for the payment of final bills. At the end of your tenancy we will require copies of receipted final invoices for all utility accounts


We will inform the Council Tax Registrar of your change of address and you are required by law to pay the council tax charged on the property you are renting.


The landlord, or ourselves acting as the landlord's agents, will want to inspect the property during the tenancy Inspection of the premises is primarily undertaken to insure that you, as the tenant, are in all respects observing the conditions of the Tenancy Agreement, though this is not the only consideration of management. It further allows for you to discuss any problems which might be experienced relating to the property. If you have any problems of maintenance or repair please notify the landlord or us immediately in order that action can be taken to minimise any discomfort or interruption of your enjoyment of the property at the earliest time.


The landlord has the responsibility for insuring his contents against theft, fire etc. We would recommend that you insure any contents that you may introduce to the property and if the premises are furnished to a high degree it may be a wise precaution to insure the landlord's furniture, fixtures and fittings as quite often damage to expensive items might not be covered by the deposit, resulting in court proceedings to recover money to recompense the landlord.


At the end of the tenancy preparations should be made to hand back the property on the due date. Arrange readings of all meters and ensure that the authorities have your forwarding address for the payment of all invoices raised. In no circumstances should you allow the authorities to disconnect the supplies.
Inventory items should be replaced in their respective rooms to facilitate easy checking on the handing over. Read carefully the inventory and statement of condition at this time, wash curtains, carpets, etc., and generally prepare the property for that final inspection.
Once checking has been completed and dilapidation (if any) agreed, the deposit or balance of deposit will be returned to you.



These notes are intended to provide only a summary to assist you to understand and realise the obligations undertaken when you wish to rent a property from a private landlord. It is not the intention to give an authoritative interpretation of the law, only the courts can do that.