A brief guide to the Lettings and Management services provided by Elliott and Bunn


A tenant introduction service with unbeatable value. If you ask for our Sole Agency Agreement we provide this service for only 8.5% of the first six months rent. If you are confident that you can manage the tenancy without professional help this could be the service for you.

  • We will visit your property and advise on the rental value and on any other relevant points including the latest regulations. At this time you will be able to ask us any questions you may have.
  • We then advertise your property and search our tenant database for a suitable tenant. Elliott and Bunncan show the property on your behalf or arrange suitable viewing times for you.
  • When we have found a suitable tenant we will take up references and check their credit profile.
  • A tenancy agreement is prepared and issued to yourselves and the tenant with any relevant notices.
  • We collect the first months rent on your behalf and arrangements are made for payments of further monthly rent in accordance with the tenancy agreement. We also collect the deposit and hold it in our client deposits account as stakeholders.
  • All the relevant utility companies are informed of the tenancy and given meter readings for the transfer of service accounts (eg. gas and electricity).
  • Elliott and Bunn can on request check in your new tenant at no extra charge.
  • We can arrange for an inventory of the contents of your property and its condition. It is very important that an inventory is prepared prior to the commencement of the tenancy to avoid any disputes on vacation of the premises.

    Using our Full Management Service will give you complete peace of mind that your property is being looked after by professionals. We offer this comprehensive service for the competitive fee of 12% if our sole agency agreement is requested.

    In addition to the services offered in our letting service we also include the following:

  • Arranging the preparation of the property for the incoming tenant and inspect the property, in the presence of the tenant where possible, twice a year or more regularly if required.
  • In the event of any repairs or maintenance being necessary we will contact the tenant for access to the property, arrange for any emergency repairs to be carried out immediately and liaise with the Landlord where possible in the case of non-emergency repairs.
  • We will accept rent payments, pay all the expenses for the property, and remit the remaining funds to your bank or send it to you by cheque. In all cases we will provide a comprehensive monthly statement.
  • We will be in regular contact with your tenant and at least one member of staff will be contact able by telephone at any time. We will hold a key at the office for entry to the property in the case of an emergency.


    Most tenants prefer rented properties to be plainly decorated. This means that their furniture will not clash with the decoration and plain painted walls are easier to repair should your tenant have an accident.


    If a tenant finds the property in good order they are more likely to return it that way. We recommend the use of professional cleaners prior to the start of the tenancy. The Landlord can then insist that the tenant uses professional cleaners when they leave the property.


    It is important to present your property in good condition to prospective tenants. They may be looking at a selection of houses or flats that day and first impressions count. If you are showing the property yourself make sure you have plenty of time so that they are not rushed.

    Below are a few items you may want to see to before the tenant arrives:

  • Keep the rooms uncluttered, as this will give an extra feeling of space.
  • Clean the windows to make the most of the light and ensure that any cracked or broken panes are repaired.
  • If you have a pet ensure that it is out of the house. You should be cleaning your carpets prior to the tenancy, so why not do it before the viewings start. This will give a good appearance to your carpets and ensure a fresh smell.
  • A fresh coat of paint can make a big difference for not much effort, both inside and out.
  • In the bathroom and kitchen remove any limescale from taps, plug holes and other areas, repair leaks and check the grout and sealant round the bath or shower. If necessary change the showerhead.
  • No one likes cleaning ovens but if you leave it clean at the start you can expect it clean at the end.
  • Replace broken light bulbs and if viewings are done in the dark or dusk ensure that the house is well lit.
  • In the garden make sure that the patio and paths are swept and weed free, the lawn is cut, the beds weeded and the shrubs pruned. In most cases the tenant will be responsible for the garden and you will be setting a good standard.
  • Clear out the garage as much as you can and keep it tidy.
  • Remember that tenants viewing your property will be comparing it to others and its appearance will influence whether its yours they rent.
  • Elliott and Bunn are always available for further advice so if you have any questions just ask!



    The importance of an Inventory and Statement of Condition cannot be over stressed. It is an agreement that will ultimately decide what dilapidation has occurred during the tenancy and should be capable of being used in the event of a dispute. Under the Tenancy Deposit Scheme it is in practice essential to have an inventory otherwise it is likely, in the event of a dispute, that the tenant will be awarded the deposit.

    Elliott and Bunn use a trained Inventory Clerk and have negotiated an exceptional deal to keep the cost of an inventory to a minimum when arranged by us.